Virtual Health Providers

Finding a virtual health provider with the services you need for your GLP-1 prescription is essential to saving time, money and the hassle of waiting for traditional doctors.

That’s why we’ve compiled the best online virtual health providers available to help you start your journey of finding the right provider for your unique situation.

Alpha Health

Alpha strives to enable women to manage their personal healthcare by offering convenient, affordable, and discreet online access to basic medical necessities, empowering patients to take control of their well-being.

Push Health

Push Health virtual provider

The inception of Push Health was rooted in a straightforward concept: every healthcare provider should have the capability to tend to their network with exceptional technological tools fostering increased access, convenience, and transparency.


Sequence virtual provider

Sequence is dedicated to empowering individuals to confidently manage their weight while aligning with their lifestyle. They offer a virtual clinic that is free from weight bias and stigma.

Mochi Health

Mochi Health virtual provider

Mochi Health is on a mission to ensure our patients feel acknowledged and comprehended. We facilitate connections between providers and patients to engage in conversations about evidence-based weight loss strategies, utilizing every available tool in our arsenal.


PlushCare prioritizes the patient in virtual primary care and mental health treatment. Committed to maintaining the highest standards of care, they strive to enhance patient outcomes across the entire healthcare experience.

Ivim Health

Ivim Health virtual provider

Ivím originated from a passion for modernizing the accessibility and delivery of natural therapies to the home. have revolutionized health and wellness by offering meticulously tested medications and supplements, ensuring safety, purity, and effectiveness.